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Marion Township

Marion, Ohio 43302

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Welcome to Marion Township 
                                        1228 E. Fairground St.                                       
     P.O. Box 79
         Marion, Ohio 43302


Welcome to the Marion Township, Marion,Ohio website. This is where you'll find information about our township, trustees, zoning information and forms, meetings and news. We have also compiled a list of useful links and phone numbers.
We publish the approved minutes of all monthly Trustee and Zoning Board meetings on this web site usually several weeks after the actual Trustee meetings and a month after zoning meetings.
Marion Township Trustees hold bi-monthly meetings on the first and third Tuesday of each month. Meetings begin at 5:30 pm and are held at the township hall located at 1228 E. Fairground St., Marion, Ohio 43302

 Power outages can present safety risks.  The Office of the Ohio Consumers Counsel (OCC) encourages consumers to take precautions before and during such outages and offers the following safety tips:         

  • If you lose power, contact your utility as soon as possible.  Some utilities prioritize their power restoration efforts based on the amount of calls received from an area;
  • Monitor your and other people's health (especially the elderly) in extreme weather conditions;
  • Contact the electric company to learn more about participating in the critical care list if you have friends or family who require electricity for medical needs;
  • Stay away from downed wires, which still can be connected to electricity.  Report them immediately to the local electric company;
  • Report any damage to wires, transformers or other utility equipment immediately to the utility;
  • Identify (from a distance) trees that have broken branches that could fall or cracks that may lead to a falling tree;
  • When repair crews are at work restoring power or clearing downed power lines, stay clear of the work area and equipment, for your and their protection;
  • Any use of gas-powered generators should be in accordance with safety instructions and never inside a home or garage where there is the danger of poisonous exhaust;
  • If you are running a generator, disconnect it when repair crews are at work in your area, for their protection;
  • Turn off all major appliances and electronic equipment in the house.  This will help protect equipment from surges when the power is restored.  Also turn off or unplug all heat-producing appliances such as curling irons and electric ovens, to reduce the risk of fire or injury;
  • Use caution to avoid consuming spoiled food that needed refrigeration.  The U.S. Department of Agriculture offers a variety of fact sheets about food safety during an outage.  Visit: sheets/
  • Consider any options for housing and food storage alternatives if needed.

It is illegal, according to Ohio EPA, to burn material  within   1(one) mile of Marion City which means that  burning of trash, leaves and brush is NOT permitted in most areas of Marion Township.


Emergency & Reference



Sheriff: 740/382-8244


Fire Administration: 740/387-5404


Fire Department:740/387-5404 


Highway Patrol:740/383-2181 


Poison Control:800/222-1222 


Marion General Hospital: 740/383-8400 


Report Chemical/Oil Spills/Biological  Terrorism (National) - 800/424-8802 

Report Toxic Chemical & Oil Spills (Ohio EPA)800/282-9378